Getting Around the 2013 Oklahoma State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair

Plan your route to the biggest event of the year. Source: Oklahoma State Fair.

You might think that trying to find a good parking spot at the Oklahoma State Fair is about as challenging as finding one at the mall a few days before the holidays, but actually it’s easier than you realize.

The State Fair offers literally acres of totally free parking on the north and south sides of the fairground complex, free handicap parking near all the main entry gates and spaces closer to the complex in premium parking areas for only $5 per day. If you plan on attending the Oklahoma State Fair during each of its 11 days, you can purchase a season parking pass for $25.

At the end of a fantastic day of family fun and adventure at the State Fair, you just might be too worn out to walk back to your car so the MidFirst Bank trams provide shuttle services between the fairground complex and the parking lots and areas. Free trams operate every day beginning at 10 a.m.

Planning to attend the State Fair with some of your neighbors at Fountain Lake apartments? Coordinate carpooling via our Facebook page so you can team up and tackle the truly easy task of finding great Oklahoma State Fair parking!


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